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Our fresh, innovative approach to Public Relations and marketing redefines traditional methodologies to create tailored programs across multiple platforms that stand out in today's world.



Behind each of our programs is well-defined strategy designed to meet objectives and deliver high-impact results. We start by outlining key goals and build a customized plan to help our clients reach their goals.

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We have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of delivering impactful results that drive business success. Our multi-channel programs reach target audiences, influence consumer buying, raise brand exposure, create market demand, and drive sales. 

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Pantano Media & Marketing

Pantano Media & Marketing (PMM) is a top PR agency in New York known for delivering high-impact results and creating marketing initiatives that raise consumer awareness, generate market demand, and drive revenue growth.


Find your brand voice and positioning to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

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Tell your story in compelling and engaging media articles to connect authentically with target audiences.

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TV Interviews  

Spread your message on TV and streaming platforms. We can also help create your own TV show!

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Authority Building 

Become a recognized thought leader and authority in your industry.

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