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Pantano Media & Marketing (PMM) is a global, integrated communications and marketing agency with an unparalleled track record for delivering high-impact results that influence business outcomes. As a top New York PR agency, we successfully combined marketing and digital strategies with traditional media relations to create original programs tailored to raise consumer awareness, create market demand, generate new customers, and increase revenue.


At PMM, we know traditional PR models no longer cut it in today’s ever-changing media landscape.  Archaic principles of reaching target audiences are ineffective. Our approach redefines the outdated methodologies of public relations and instead we take a fresh, integrated approach that spans a myriad of platforms to develop truly unique programs for the modern world.


Through our strategic thinking, expertise in media relations, understanding of the digital space, innovative approach, and creativity, we surpass expectations and help our clients reach their goals. We don’t merely implement a communications program –we become a partner. As an extension of your team, we can tell a compelling brand narrative through high-impact media exposure and engaging marketing initiatives that drives results and achieve goals.

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